mardi 2 décembre 2008


The coffee shop was a room for about 20 people to stand comfortably. There was an American jukebox near the window. On the walls of the I's were a few photos of musicians who'd once played there.

Behind the serving counter were the espresso coffee machine, orange juice dispenser and sandwich display case on the left. A long formica shelf on which to place your tiny glass espresso coffee cup and saucer to the right.

A door at the back led to the kitchen, the 2 i's manager's office. Besides the sink and gas cooker, there was a large cupboard containing a desk diary, and on the wall a four-pennies-in-the-slot telephone.

The nearest toilets were probably Piccadilly Circus Station.

At the end of the room was the entrance to the narrow stairway that led down to the dismal and dark cellar about the size of a large bedroom, lit by a couple of weak bulbs.

At one end was the small 18 inch stage made of milk crates with planks on top of them. There was just one microphone, left over from the Boer War, and some speakers up on the wall.

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