mardi 2 décembre 2008



Paul Lincoln

Paul Lincoln was a professional wrestler known as “Dr. Death”. His big feature was that he wore a Black leather hood. He also promoted wrestling bouts where he appeared on the bill as Paul Lincoln, had a rest between bouts, and appeared again as Dr. Death.

Tom Littlewood

Tom Littlewood was a Judo instructor. He appeared in the movie - "The Tommy Steele Story " teaching Judo in a short sequence.

He was first the guy who took the money at the door then took over Lincoln as manager in 1960. He was also Vince Taylor's manager for a while.

Beside those young artists who became the pioneers of british rock, some others started out there but working at the coffee bar. Lionel Bart, who penned most of british pop tunes of that era, future Shadows, Hank Marvin and Jet Harris, could often be found in the 2 ¡'s, serving coffees or cleaning up the place after the gigs, sweeping the floor and stuff.

Future succesful producer Mickie Most was the waiter. Peter Grant, who later managed Led Zeppelin, was the bouncer.

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